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3D Design & Drafting

3D Home Design

Design in 3D and walk through your home to get every detail right before plans are drafted. You will receive online access to our 3D viewer software where we will collaborate on you design.

Home Plan Drafting

Once design is complete, we will turn it into a set of buildable plans ready for construction! You will receive the plans through our online access program Redline Planroom®, a PDF copy as well as a standard  paper copy.

Collaborative Engineering

During drafting of your plans we will work closely with our trusted engineers to ensure the plans meet all structural engineering and code requirements. The engineer will approve and stamp the plans so that permitting can be submitted.

Takeoff & Bidding

After blueprints are fully completed, we will then use our advanced software tools to complete a full cost analysis and bid for you home. We will compile the data and produce a cost breakdown for you and the lenders approval.

If you're ready to get started on designing your home. Contact us today and pick a date for your complementary consultation.

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